One of the founders of the Pillow Fight Championships joined The Morning Line Wednesday to discuss the origins of the sport, how the fights are scored, who takes part, and how it's not at all what you immediately think of when you think about pillow fights.

Rob Albolino discussed how the sport has grown to the point of having their third fight card scheduled for January 29th, and now that card is available on Pay-Per-View.

It's athletic, it's fast paced, and action packed, and the pillows can pack a punch.

So where can you watch the PPV, find it here. Where can you learn more about PFC, find more here.

If you ever wanted to step in to the ring and take a swing we also found out they are looking for fighters.

Listen back to our conversation with the Vice President of Operations of the Pillow Fight Championship Rob Albolino here.

Courtesy : Pillow Fight Championships
Courtesy : Pillow Fight Championships

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