Prop Bets == 2/28/2020

1 – Which is higher? Jayson Tatum’s points against Houston Saturday or the points scored by the St. Louis Battlehawks against Seattle in the XFL Saturday?

Tatum points - Battlehawks Points –

2 – Which is higher? Combined number of points and rebounds for UMaine’s Anne Simon at UMBC Saturday or the number of the winning car in the NASCAR race in California Sunday?

Anne Simon Points/Rebounds - Number of winning car in Nascar –

3 – Which is higher? Number of hits for the Red Sox in their spring training game against the Yankees Saturday or three pointers made by UMaine Men’s basketball against UMBC Saturday?
Red Sox hits - UMaine Men’s Threes –

4 – Which is higher? The Total number of runs scored by UMaine Baseball in the 4 game series at Louisiana Tech this weekend or the number of three pointers made by the Charlotte Hornets against Milwaukee Sunday?
UMaine Baseball Runs – Charlotte Hornets 3’s–

Tie Breaker – Closest to the number of points scored by Devon Andrews of Florida International against Charlotte Sunday?

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The Morning Line Podcast

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