1 – Which is higher? The score of Bryan Titman’s best ride of the weekend or points scored by winning team in Seton Hall/Creighton men’s basketball game Saturday?

Courtesy : Andre Silva Photography via Bryan Titman Facebook page

Bryan Titman Best Ride – Seton Hall/Creighton – Bryan / Chris / Derek

2 – Which is higher? Three pointers made by the UMaine Women’s basketball team in the AE Semifinals against UMass-Lowell or number of strikeouts by Red Sox hitters Sunday against Minnesota?

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UMaine Made 3’s – Chris Red Sox Strikeouts – Bryan / Derek

3 – Which is higher? Goals by the Boston Bruins against Tampa Bay Saturday or touchdowns by the Dallas Renegades in the XFL against New York Saturday?

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Boston Bruins Goals – Bryan / Chris Dallas Renegades TD’s – Derek

4 – Which is higher? Points scored by Sergio El Darwich against Vermont Saturday night or length of Adesanya/Romero UFC fight in minutes?

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El Darwich Points– Derek Adesanya/Romero UFC Fight Length – Bryan / Chris

Tie Breaker – How many points will Marcus Smart score for the Celtics against Oklahoma City City? (closest only)
Chris - 15 Derek - 18

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