the Red Sox begin this series in Toronto, the start of 13 straight games against the American League East, what are the playoff chances for this team? What does the math say?

Well, according to the Red Sox have about a 10% chance of playing October baseball.

The 46-52 record has the Sox tied for last place in the AL East with Tampa Bay. Keep in mind, there are two wildcard spots.

Fangraphs says Boston has a 7.3% chance of winning the division and a 2.9% chance of getting a wildcard spot.

Baltimore is given the best chance to win the AL East at 43.3%. The projection calls for the O's to win just 85 games.

The Yankees, well, Fangraphs shows a 12.15 chance of winning the division and a 3.9% in the wildcard hunt.

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Game on!