Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce issued a public apology to any women who were told to remove their bras before entering the jail because the under wire set off the metal detector.

Joyce held a press conference on Thursday to address the issue that came to light after two attorneys, Amy Fairfield and Gina Yamartino, had complained publicly about the practice, calling it discrimination and demanding that the policy be changed. A spokesperson for the company that manufactures the metal detectors said that the device could be adjusted so that it wasn't quite so sensitive.

On Thursday, Sheriff Joyce issued an apology to Fairfield, Yamartino, and any other women who may have been told to remove their undergarments before entering the jail to meet face-to-face with inmates. He took responsibility for the practice, saying that he had not properly trained his staff on how to carry out the metal detector policies. He said, going forward, no women will be asked to remove undergarments. A wand will be used to determine if, in fact, it is the under wire setting off the detector. At that point, the women will be allowed to enter the jail.

Fairfield told the Press Herald that she's glad Joyce apologized publicly but  'remained convinced that the problem at the jail runs much deeper than two officers zealously interpreting a policy.'