We're still over a month away from the MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2022 being announced on January 25th, but early ballots have given us a peak into what should be a very entertaining and polarizing decision for this year's group.

As of publishing this, 42 ballots have been made public. That equates to 10.7% of the estimated 392 ballots expected to be cast.

To be forever enshrined in Cooperstown, the game's legends will need 294 votes this year to reach the 75% threshold.

Here's how things look through the early returns:

Who's in - David Ortiz (83.3%), Barry Bonds (81%) and Roger Clemens (81%).

Who's out - Scott Rolen (71.4%), Curt Schilling (64.3%), Billy Wagner (57.1%), Todd Helton (54.8%), Andrew Jones (54.8%) and Alex Rodriguez (47.6%).

For guys like Bonds and Clemens, it's their 10th time on the ballot, hoping this is the year the voters will look past their transgressions and induct them to the HOF.

For David Ortiz, it's more of the same, really. Someone who was mentioned on the Mitchell Report back in 2007, Ortiz has always been held in a higher regard than others who have had their name linked with PED's, which otherwise has often been a death sentence in the court of public opinion.

What do you think? Is it time to let some of the biggest names in the game's history into Cooperstown, despite their cheating of the sport? Or are you good with continuing to keep them out as a perpetual punishment?

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