Tim Throckmorton is a fan of the New York Giants, and like many fans of Big Blue he was watching the Sunday Night game between Washington and Philadelphia to see if the Eagles won which would have given the NFC East Division title to the G-Men.

But when Doug Pederson pulled starting quarterback Jalen Hurts for the Eagles third string option to get him some work that is when Throck knew it was time to shut off the game and accept the Giants were missing the playoffs again.

But that did spawn an idea for Truth or Throck this week, to see if there were other instances involving teams jostling with on field results in order to alter their draft status.

This week we have another trio of stories to sift through and determine which two are true and which one has been altered from reality by Tim Throckmorton, and the names are familiar with stories about the Packers with Tony Mandarich, the Buccaneers with Jameis Winston and the Falcons with Michael Vick. There are other names in the mix too, like Mike Evans, Ladanian Tomlinson, and Drew Brees.

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Can you figure out which two are true, and which one is made up by Throck?

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