In transplant terminology, Day 0 is transplant day. Wednesday, July 24th was Day 0 for Maggie Rudnicki, thanks to the bone marrow that her brother, Lucas donated. If you missed that story, click here. Yesterday was Day +1 for Team Maggie and her family. And it really is a family journey. Here's the update that Maggie's and Lucas' mom, Lauren posted

Day +1 has been great. Lucas was discharged around 2 and he is sore but doing awesome! Maggie feels good today and has had a lot of energy! Her blood counts are pretty much zero so the next few weeks will be critical as we pray for no infection. It will be about 2-3 weeks before she engrafts and her white counts start to go back up. She will be immune compromised for a long time..and we will support her with blood and platelet transfusions as needed. I have been told the next few weeks could be challenging and the next 100 days are very important. We still have a very long road ahead of us so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the weeks and months ahead. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out over the past couple weeks. We appreciate it so much!

If you'd like to send a card, or a note of an encouragement, the address is

Tufts Medical Center -Bmt unit floating 6
Attention: Maggie Rudnicki
750 Washington st
Boston ma 02111