The old adage of where there is smoke there is fire. We can see a lot of smoke surrounding the Boston Celtics and their plans for Wednesday's NBA Draft (November 18th), but where is that smoke coming from? Where is the fire that is producing it?

Josue Pavon of CLNS Media joined The Morning Line to talk about some of the speculation surrounding what deals the C's could make between now and their first pick of the draft.

Boston has three picks in the first round at 14, 26, and 30, and they have their own pick in the second round.

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There are rumors indicating Boston may package some picks and ship them to another team in the top ten picks, that could be used to draft a player of their choosing, or that new pick could be sent to another franchise for a player to come back to Boston.

There are also rumblings Gordon Hayward or Kemba Walker may be available in a trade if the right deal offered.

We try to make sense of it all with Josue who also writes about the NBA at Heavy, and we try to sniff out where the smoke is coming from.

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