Did you know the last time baseball had a 60 game schedule was in 1878? Tim Throckmorton does and he has three stories about that season and what happened with some of the players. Two of those stories are true and one of them is crafted out of his imagination. Can you figure out which one is made up by Throck?

Matt from Bucksport is our contestant this week, does he make the correct call?

The choices are :

1 - The First Triple Crown in baseball and the first unassisted triple play happened during this season, both by the same member of the Providence Grays.

2 - John Montgomery-Ward was one a pitcher for the Grays and he won 22 games and had an ERA of 1.51, and after his playing career he ran the family business Montgomery-Ward.

3 - The Only Nolan was released by the Indianapolis Blues after saying he was going to a funeral but instead went drinking. He was called "The Only Nolan" because he was the only player named Nolan in the league.

Can you figure out which are true?

Play along with our game by listening here.

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The Morning Line Podcast

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