This week Tim Throckmorton is talking about viruses and epidemics involved with baseball.

All are from a century or more ago.

Option 1 - Did Tris Speaker have a kidney infection in 1921 that he covered up so he could keep playing on his way to leading the league in doubles?

Option 2 - In 1919, there was a flu outbreak and a game was played where everyone had to wear a mask including players and fans, and while sliding in to a base a mask came down and the umpire threatened the player with being tossed from the game.

Option 3 - In 1909 there was a typhoid fever issue and many players were sick and there were barely enough to field a team for the game. But it did raise awareness and led to there being days to recognize other diseases like polio and tuberculosis.

Kevin from Kenduskeag was playing for an UNO's gift card, was he able to determine which of those three stories was made up by Tim Throckmorton?

Can you figure it out?

Take a listen and play our game.

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