In a game broadcast on Ticket TV, the unbeaten Old Town Coyotes survived a scare from the Hermon Hawks, and rallied to beat them 43-40 in Hermon on Thursday, January 11th.

Hermon led 24-11 at the end of the 1st Half, but the Coyotes received 16 points from Emmitt  Byther in the 2nd Half, and outscored Hermon 22-8 in the 3rd Quarter to take a 33-32 lead.

Byther finished with a game-high 20 points, while Grayson had 12 points for the Coyotes. Old Town had 4 3-pointers in the game, 2 by Thibeault, 1 by Byther and a 3-pointer by Tyler Priest. Old Town sank 9 free throws.

Hermon was led by Bryce Edwards with 13 points, while Brody Hurd had 10 points. Edwards had Hermon's 2 3-pointers. The Hawks sank 10 free throws on the night.

Old Town is now 10-0. They will play at Ellsworth on Tuesday, January 16th at 7 p.m.

Hermon is now 5-5. Weather permitting they will travel to Presque Isle to play the Wildcats on Saturday, January 13th at 4:30 p.m.

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Line Score

Old Town  Boys38221043
Hermon  Boys3218840

Box Score

Old Town

Aiden Gromm21--
Joey Campbell0---
Jayden Powers0---
Tyler Michaud0---
Grayson Thibeault1232-
Ethan Closson0---
Bryson Madden0---
Brooks Vose0---
DJ Francis21--
Brady Fournier0---
Brendan Mahaney21--
Emmitt Byther20419
Brady Paradis0---
Tyler Priest511-
Jack Brawn0---


Chase Whitehouse0---
Carter Wiggin71-5
Tom Meserve0---
Nate Sullivan0---
Colvin Hamm0---
Connor Kelley0---
Bryce Edwards13223
Greyson Hanlon0---
Caleb Doughty0---
Madden Henderson42--
Mason Kinney2--2
Tanner Stymiest0---
Brody Hurd105--
Maddox Kinney42--

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