The Boston Celtics dug in against the Golden State Warriors and came back from a 17 point deficit to win 92-88. The C's win streak reaches 14.

Jaylen Brown, playing with a heavy heart after hearing the news of the death of his childhood best friend, had 22 points and seven rebounds and was a real difference maker.

Kyrie Irving scored 11 of his 16 points in the 4th quarter. Al Horford had another double-double.

Despite all of that, the Celtics still only shot 33% for the night.

But, Golden State had a tough night shooting as well. Just 7-for-32 from the three-point line. While Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 24 points, nobody else had more than 13. Steph Curry had just nine points.

So the Celtics improve to 14-2 with a game in Atlanta Saturday night.

Golden State, held to a season-low 88 points, falls to 11-4.

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