sportsWorld-class athletes can seem immortal. They run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than any other human beings on the planet. But when these mythical players trip, fumble, or screw up in hilarious ways, fans get to relish in the briefest of moments when these surreal characters prove themselves to be mere mortals after all. Fans—even in their laughter—can empathize with a player's plight on the field, finding a momentary connection to the humanity of their heroes.

Thanks to technology like instant replay and social media, sports goofs are indelible. Adoring fans around the world can like, share, and laugh over and over again at the often-tragic moments that occur in these rare, fallible instances.

Stacker investigated some of the most embarrassing, craziest, and strangest sports goofs in history to help fans and wannabe athletes alike get a good laugh and feel a little less bad about their feats in their own sporting lives. The unique list draws from several sources and includes embarrassing bloopers across different sports. From a mix-up leading to a 54-year marathon time to premature celebrations to running the wrong way on the field, this list includes some of the most well-known goofs (and many you may not have heard of).

Keep scrolling through for a list of 50 famous sports goofs that will bring about a sense of nostalgia for witnessing greatness fail for the first time. But don't feel too bad for the offenders—most of these athletes are still making millions.

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