We will all miss you TB12, but who wouldn't want that chunk of change!

I vividly remember keeping all my baseball, football and basketball cards in a shoebox back in the day. Who knows where they are now, but in those days, the collectible card industry had yet to explode into the stratosphere. People are much smarter these days with cards, they value them with their life. And if you just happen to have a Tom Brady card from the early part of his career, it just might be worth something, especially if it is a rookie card, because who knew that Drew Bledsoe would go down to injury, paving the way for Brady's legendary career as "The GOAT"

On Monday evening, just hours before Tommy officially hung up his helmet for good, after the confusion of Saturday's leaked news story, that overtook our giant snowstorm, as the event of last weekend, A 2002 Tops Finest X-Fractor card featuring Brady, right after his first Super Bowl victory with the New England Patriots, sold at the live Saco River auction in Scarborough, for a whopping $118,000. Who bought it? The name was not released, but the word is that the buyer is from New England, and is a big fan.

Yesterday, I came across a very old picture of myself wearing a shirt with #12 on it, So I posted it on my Facebook page as a small tribute, also, I did it because I look ridiculous in those short shorts.


Check out Tom Brady's emotional retirement post from Tuesday, and go through all your sports cards, you never know what might be there!

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