Air Asia has reported that a flight bound from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore is missing. Just before communication was lost, around 7:30 Saturday morning, the pilot had reportedly asked for an alternate route due to inclement weather.

The airline posted on Facebook just after 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Saturday night, that the airline has no information about the passengers or crew aboard flight QZ8501, which is an Airbus A320-200. An emergency call center has been established for family members of passengers who may have been on board. They should call +622129850801 for the latest information.

According to the Air Asia website, 162 people were on the plane including one was from Singapore, one from Malaysia, three from South Korea, one from the United Kingdom, and 149 from Indonesia. One crew member was from France and the other six were from Indonesia. Included in those numbers are 16 children and 1 infant.

Search and rescue operations are underway under the guidance of the Indonesia of Civil Aviation Authority. According to the website, the plane was on its scheduled route and was asking for a deviation from the flight plan, due to weather. There's no indication what the weather issue was that concerned the pilot.