There is just over 30 hours until the 2021 NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow night and I don't know about you, but this is excited as I have been for the annual event.

Sure, I hope I never have to get this fired up leading into a draft again because it means the Pats are back to their old ways of playing deep into January and February and picking near the bottom of the first round. But for one year, after a 7-9 season, let's enjoy the excitement while we have it.

So much of the focus is on the Pats making a leap into the top-10 tomorrow night to draft one of the leftover QB's, be it Trey Lance, Mac Jones or Justin Fields. But what if the Pats could acquire a QB tomorrow night who is not part of this year's draft?

It sure sounds like Jimmy G's days in San Francisco are numbered, so then it boils down to whether you would like to see the Pats go all-in for a rookie, or pay a cheaper price for Belichick's former-prodigal son.

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