In the immortal words of Michael Gary Scott, "well, well, well. How the turntables..."

There was some question whether the Boston Celtics would even make it out of the NBA Play-In Tournament and into the real playoffs. Now, after Jayson Tatum's 50-point game last night, the C's are onto Brooklyn to face Kyrie, KD, Harden and whoever else is on the Nets at this point.

In terms of today's Drive Poll, "which team will get eliminated from the playoffs first" the Celtics all the sudden have the time advantage over the Bruins, who will have played four games in their first round series vs. Washington by the time the C's tip off Game 1 vs. the Nets on Saturday night.

That being said, the talent and confidence edged still has to go to the Bruins, right? Or maybe you're living in fantasy land and think both teams will be crowned champions in the coming months.

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