The family of Conner MacCalister is reaching out to the family of the woman MacCalister is accused of killing. 59-year-old Wendy Boudreau was doing her grocery shopping on August 19th at Shaw's in Saco, when MacCalister allegedly stabbed her in the neck. Now his family says they want to do something to show her family they regret what happened.

Connor MacCalister was originally referred to by police as a woman. Since that day, it's become clear that MacCalister identifies as a transgender male. So, from this article forward, we will refer to MacCalister as such.

The Press Herald reports that MacCalister had lived with his mother until she died of breast cancer in July 2014. Since that time, he had lived in a one-bedroom apartment, one street over from Boudreau's home, and was watched over by his brother Jeremy Hopkins. Connor didn't have a license and walked to the grocery store to buy his groceries. Hopkins said his brother suffered from anxiety issues that interfered with his quality of life.

He told the newspaper that he had given MacCalister $2 to buy a Snicker's bar that day and Connor had headed off to Shaw's. He said his brother's behavior seemed fine. However, MacCalister has said that he had been planning the random attack for several weeks, and told police after the murder that he was angry with life.

Jeremy Hopkins told the newspaper that his family feels terrible for what happened, and that Boudreau's family didn't deserve to lose Wendy. He says their cousin, Wallace Clark of Massachusetts, plans to set up a gofundme page to raise money for Boudreau's family. Clark told the Associated Press that the family is 'devastated' and that it's 'heart is first and foremost' with the Boudreau family. So far, that page doesn't appear to have been created.

30-year-old Hopkins said it may not help ease the suffering of Wendy's family, but his family feels they have to do something to express their regret over what happened.

Wendy Boudreau's funeral is set for today. She's survived by four adult children and their families, including nine grandchildren. She had just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary with her husband this year.