The Boston Celtics and their fanbase got quite the scare last night watching Kristaps Porzingis pull up lame on a non-contact play, immediately signal to the bench and stiffly hobble off the floor and into the locker room with his jersey pulled over his head.

Based on initial reactions, the prognosis appeared pretty grim. The first thought I had was something with the Achilles or a calf tear for Porzingis, who had what looked like miles of kinesiology tape on his legs. So when the team announced after the half that Porzingis was doubtful to return with "right calf tightness," it felt like a massive victory.

Then Porzingis himself tweeted (or X'd?) these encouraging characters after the game.

With the Celtics leading the Heat 3-1 in this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, there's no need whatsoever to play Porzingis in Game 5 tomorrow night in Boston. Heck, it would probably be worth it to give him a game or two off at the front of the next series as well, to get healthy for deeper in the postseason.

While the idea of being without their unicorn might worry Celtics fans at this most crucial juncture of the season, Boston went 21-4 in the 25 regular season games Porzingis missed.

But after that scare, it's a fair question to ask. Should anything happen to any members of the Celtics' vaunted "Big Six," what happens to their title chances? And, as a bonus poll - After Tatum, who can the Celtics least afford to lose this postseason?


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