'Fat Bike' racers are coming to Bangor Sunday for the inaugural Essex Woods Fat Bike Race.

What is a fat bike?

It's an off-road bike with oversized tires, usually 3.8-inches wide or more. Perfect for racers to compete on soft terrain - in this case, groomed snow trails!

The Essex Woods Race is the third and final leg of a three-race series in Maine this winter.

Race organizers have set up a 4-mile course through the trail system at Essex Woods. Beginners will race one lap, sport level competitors will do two laps and experts will do three laps.

NOTE:  Craig MacDonald, who heads up the Penobscot Region of the New England Mountain Bike Association(NEMBA) will join the 'Morning Pitch Show' at 7:15am today to talk more about the first time event in Bangor!


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