Bill Rae of Manna is livid. And this is a man who's never that angry. But after talking to him, I'm right there with him. See, someone snuck onto the grounds of Manna last night and stole a yellow Fisher plow off their plow truck.

Bill told me the organization had scrimped and saved for months to purchase a truck with a plow. The idea was that they could save on plowing fees and help more people. And, if you've ever been over to Manna, which is located at the old Beal College campus, they have a huge parking lot to clear!

But instead, now they're the victims of theft. I guess on the bright side, the person or persons responsible left the truck. But it's not much good without the plow. Bangor Police were notified and went over to check it out. But Rae said there's not a lot of hope. I mean, it's an 8-foot yellow Fisher plow. In Maine, In the winter. Tough to track.

However, someone has to know what happened and who took it. Do you have a neighbor who suddenly got a new 8' yellow Fisher plow? Especially a neighbor who you doubt could afford it? Or maybe you know someone who's suddenly trying to sell one.

If you think you have information about the plow, you're encouraged to call the Bangor Police Department at 947-7384. Let's hope it can be returned to Manna before the next snowfall!