Bryan Stackpole breaks down the 4 questions in our prop bets and they are all about the 69th running of the Florida Derby, the only major sport going on this weekend.

Craig from Lincoln and Tim from Vassalboro are going head to head in the picks.

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1 – Will the winning horse of the Florida Derby post from a higher or lower number than 6.5?

Higher than 6.5 – Bryan, Craig, Tim Lower than 6.5 –

2 – Will the first quarter mile of the Florida Derby be faster or slower than 24 and one fifth seconds?

Faster – Craig Slower – Bryan & Tim

3 – Will the win ticket for the Florida Derby pay more or less than $7.50 on a two dollar ticket?

More than $7.50 – Bryan, Craig, Tim Less than $7.50 –

4 – There are 14 races on the card at Gulfstream how many will be won by horses from the 1-2-or-3 post positions? More or less than 4.5?

More than 4.5 - Bryan, Craig, Tim Less than 4.5 -

Tie Breaker – Who wins, and what is their winning time?
Craig - Gouverneur Morris in 1:48
Tim - Independence Hall in 1:49
Bryan - Independence Hall in 1:50


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