As you get ready to buy a gift for the Red Sox fan in your life this holiday season, be sure to check the contents so you don’t ruin their 2018.

Turner Licensing, which is putting out a 2018 Red Sox Wall Calendar, has 12 MLB players gracing the pages of the product, with one for each month of the year.  However upon further inspection, one of the featured players no longer is currently with the Sox.  Among those featured in the calendar include an image of Pablo Sandoval, the team’s former third baseman that was released during the 2017 season.

According to the Boston Globe’s article on the calendar, the production for the upcoming year begins in May, when Sandoval was still on the roster.  The publication decided to include Sandoval thinking he’d still be on the club come the start of 2018.  The rest of the calendar features 11 other players, all currently with the Boston based team (for now).

This isn’t the first time a calendar publishing company has made a mistake like this, as Wade Miley was a feature athlete in a Perfect Timing product that was released for 2016.

So is this just bad luck for the company or poor planning?  One thing is for sure, those who get this calendar for the holidays might want to get their printers ready for a different image to cover up Sandoval or he might ruin the month of April…

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