For those that have been following high school hockey here, you know that Hampden Academy has its very own 11-year-old sports writer. His name is Adrian Ellingwood. What started as a journalism project in the 5th grade turned into a passion for writing. He chose hockey because he felt that it didn’t get enough attention and wanted to change that. He covered most of the home games for Hampden last year and was looking forward to continuing this year, until he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September of 2022.

Photo Angela Ellingwood
Photo Angela Ellingwood

For the past 5 months he has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment. While Adrian has not missed watching a game so far online, last night he was able to attend his first game of the season at Sawyer Arena in Bangor to cheer on his team in person in his #88 jersey signed by the whole team. They wanted to make sure it was a special night for Adrian, and they succeeded. Although the score does not completely reflect it, the game was an absolute nailbiter.

The Broncos came out strong in the first period with two goals. The first goal came from Tucker Leland only 2:56 into the first period. Then Keith Brooks is right where he needs to be to take the shot from Matt Shayne who gets the puck to him right in front of Camden Hills goalie Quinn Hoppin at 10:01. The first period ends with a 2-0 lead to the Broncos.

The Windjammers spiced things up a bit right at the start of the second period slamming shots at Hampden’s goalie Aaron Donovan. He was able to hold them back until Aiden Aselton put one in the back of Hampden’s net assisted by Owen McManus. The Bronco’s, Adrian Webb, quickly shot back with only 2:21 into the second period to make it 3-1 assisted by Andrew Crouse and Zach Wilson. The Windjammers continued to put the pressure on with Lucas Wyman scoring their second goal assisted by McManus and Flynn Lilly. The second period ended with a 3-2 lead to Hampden.

Spectators were sitting on the edge of their seats, especially #88, when Hampden’s Andrew Crouse scored with just 2 minutes remaining in the third period. Assists were made by Adrian Webb and Nik Bates. The Windjammers pulled their goalie for an extra skater with no luck and Hampden’s Lucas Dunn took advantage of the empty net and shot from close range unassisted. The game ended in a 5-2 victory for the Broncos.

After the game the Hampden boys presented the winning game puck to their super star, Adrian. They wanted him to know that he has been an inspiration and motivation to the team and he has their full support. Adrian is very thankful for each and every one of them and proud of their accomplishments. He is also grateful to live in such a supportive community and knows he will win his fight too and will be back to writing articles for 92.9 and Hampden Academy hockey very soon.

Hampden is now 3-2-1 for the year and will play in Brunswick Thursday at 4:45. Camden Hills is currently 4-3 and will play at home against OTO on Friday at 6.30.

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