UMaine football coach Joe Harasymiak has been named New England Coach of the Year by the New England Football Writers.

The honor adds to his already impressive list in recent days. He's the CAA Coach of the Year Award winner. And, Harasymiak is one of 15 finalists for the STATS National Coach of the Year, the Eddie Robinson Award.

He is the third UMaine coach to win New England  Coach of the Year. Jack Cosgrove won it in 2011 and 2013. Tom Lichtenberg won the award in 1989.

In his third year at the helm of the Black Bears, Harasymiak has led his team to an 8-3 record, a #7 FSC national seed and a matchup vs Jacksonville State this Saturday in the second round of the NCAA playoffs.

The New England coach award is called the Jack Grinold Coach of the Year. It honors the longtime SID and administrator at Northeastern University.

1953 Joe Zabilski, Northeastern
1954 Mike Holovak, Boston College
1955 Harold Kopp, Rhode Island
1956 Jordan Oliver, Yale
1957 not awarded
1958 Bob Blackman, Dartmouth
1959 not awarded
1960 Jordan Oliver, Yale
1961 John Yovicisn, Harvard

1962 T- Bob Blackman  Chief Boston (Dartmouth, UNH)

1963 Joe Zabilski, Northeastern
1964 Vic Fusia, UMass
1965 Bob Blackman, Dartmouth
1966 John Yovicisn, Harvard
1967 Joe Yukica, New Hampshire
1968 not awarded
1969 Larry Naviaux, Boston University
1970 John Yovicisn, Harvard
1971 Ed Doherty, Holy Cross
1972 Dick MacPherson, UMass
1973 Jake Crouthamel, Dartmouth
1974 Joe Restic, Harvard
1975 not awarded
1976 John Anderson, Brown
1977 Dick MacPherson, UMass
1978 Joe Yukica, Dartmouth
1979 not awarded
1980 Carmen Cozza, Yale
1981 not awarded
1982 Jack Bicknell, Boston College
1983 not awarded
1984 Jack Bicknell, Boston College
1985 Bob Griffin, Rhode Island
1986 Mark Duffner, Holy Cross
1987 Joe Restic, Harvard
1988 Jim Reid, UMass
1989 Tom Lichtenberg, Maine
1990 Jim Reid, UMass
1991 Mark Duffner, Holy Cross
1992 Mike Hodges, UMass
1993 Dan Allen, Boston University
1994 Bill Bowes, New Hampshire
1995 Floyd Keith, Rhode Island
1996 John Lyons, Dartmouth
1997 Tim Murphy, Harvard
1998 Mark Whipple, UMass
1999 Jack Siedlecki, Yale
2000 Dan Allen, Holy Cross
2001 Tim Murphy, Harvard
2002 Don Brown, Northeastern
2003 Mark Whipple, UMass
2004 Tim Murphy, Harvard
2005 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2006 Don Brown, UMass
2007 Jack Siedlecki, Yale
2008 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2009 Tom Gilmore, Holy Cross
2010 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2011 Jack Cosgrove, Maine
2012 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2013 Jack Cosgrove, Maine
2014 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2015 Buddy Teevens, Dartmouth
2016 Sean McDonnell, New Hampshire
2017 Tony Reno, Yale

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