The long cold Maine winter continues to rear its ugly head as icy conditions on the Kenduskeag River has led to next week's canoe race being postponed to April 25.It's the first time in the 49 year history of the race that organizers have had to change dates. Safety concerns and ice have made the stream impossible to navigate.

In a press release issued by Bangor Parks and Recreation, Director Tracy Willette said "The conditions this spring have been challenging to many race organizers. After assessing the entire course yesterday, we made a determination to reschedule the race."

Start time on the 25th will be unchanged with the first boats going off at 8:30am. Bangor Parks and recreation will continue to take re-registrations up until Friday the 24th at 1:00pm.

Sports Radio 92.9 will broadcast a live Kenduskeag Canoe Race special on the 25th starting at 8:00am.

Below is a look at portions of the Kenduskeag Stream from Thursday afternoon.

The start line in the village of Kenduskeag is clear, however ice stretches across the entire stream just 200 yards from the bridge.


Large sheets of ice float in the stream just past the route 15 bridge.


Ice prevents passage to the route 15 bridge.


A view upstream from Bullseye Bridge in Bangor where ice is still several inches thick.