If you're in need of a realization that there are still plenty of good people in the world, this is your sign and realization.

The cherry on top? There are New England connections all around involving this.

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WWE's Megan Morant

WWE personality Megan Morant, currently the co-host for the WWE TV shows Raw Talk and Smackdown LowDown after serving as a backstage correspondent for a couple of years, recently announced (and completed) a kidney donation procedure.

According to her post on Instagram on Tuesday, Megan originally began exploring information on kidney donation while trying to donate to her friend, Michael Kirshenbaum, who was in need of a transplant back in November; however, was unable to after blood testing discovered Megan and Michael were not a match.

Megan decided not to stop there, though, which led to her saving the life of a woman named Margrette, who, according to Megan, has ties to the New England Patriots.

meganmorantwwe via Instagram
meganmorantwwe via Instagram

Megan Morant Used to Work for the Patriots

If the name Megan Morant doesn't ring any bells when it comes to the Pats, that's because she actually worked under her given name, Megan O'Brien, as a reporter and host for Patriots.com, according to Boston.com.

It was a group chat with her former coworkers with the Patriots where she learned her former boss's wife, Margrette Mondillo, was unfortunately in kidney failure. Megan said after five months of testing, results came back that once again showed she was not a match to donate; however, she was still able to take steps to help save Margrette's life.

...through the National Kidney Registry’s joint donor program, I will advance donate tomorrow and in return, Margrette will get a kidney to save her life.


According to her update yesterday, Megan's procedure at Mass General went off without a hitch, and time was not wasted with getting her kidney on a flight to its recipient, who she said remained a stranger at the time of her post. Also happening in no time was getting Megan up and around the hospital.

I’ve been walking laps around the hospital floor every few hours… slowly of course, but 4 small laps at a time or 'mile repeats' as I call them, and all things considered, I feel good!

meganmorantwwe via Instagram
meganmorantwwe via Instagram

Chalk it up to just another person with New England ties being a genuine, real-life hero. Here's to Megan saving two lives -- the recipient of her kidney and by default, Margrette's as well. Best wishes to all three of them!

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