Each week on The Morning Line, we roll out a number of prop bets for the games of the weekend, so you can match up against our own Bryan Stackpole. We have four props in place for this weekend, and you can place your picks on our social media accounts and match wits with Stack on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

The Masters - Round One
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Prop Bets == 11/13/2020
1 – Which will be higher? The number of strokes between the winner of the Masters and the worst score of players who play all four rounds or the points scored by the Denver Broncos against Las Vegas Sunday?
Masters Margin –
Broncos Points – Bryan’s Pick

2 – Which will be higher? Rounds completed in the Terence “Bud” Crawford/Kell Brook title fight Saturday or rushing attempts for Kyler Murray against Buffalo
Rounds completed –
Murray rush attempts – Bryan’s Pick

3 – Which quarterback will account for more total yards for their team Sunday?
Tua Tagovailoa –
Justin Herbert – Bryan’s Pick

4 – Which will be higher? The number of top 25 teams to win in college football this weekend (including Friday night) or the number of strokes under par for the winner of the Masters?
Top 25 wins –
Masters winner under par – Bryan’s Pick

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers
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Last Week :
Bryan Stackpole : 1-2-1 Listeners : 2-1-1

This Segment :
Bryan Stackpole : 26-28-4 Listeners : 32-22-4

All-Time :
Bryan Stackpole : 135-92-17 Listeners : 129-98-17

Los Angeles Rams v Miami Dolphins
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