Coming in to this week the Listeners of The Morning Line hold a 2 game advantage over Bryan Stackpole. What happens with the picks this week?

You can vote on our Facebook Page, or by going to Twitter to compete against Stack. Here are his choices.

Prop Bets == 10/30/2020
1 – Which will be higher? The passing yards for the New York Jets against Kansas City or the rushing yards for the Tennessee Titans against Cincinnati?
Jets Passing Yards – Bryan’s Pick
Titans Rushing Yards –

2 – Which will be higher? Who has more rushing yards this weekend Najee Harris for Alabama against Mississippi State or Leddie Brown for West Virginia against Kansas State?
Harris –
Brown – Bryan’s Pick

3 – Which will be higher? The length of time to the closest minute of the UFC fight between Anderson Silva and Uriah Hall or the number of completions for Josh Allen of the Bills against the Patriots?
UFC fight minutes –
Josh Allen completions – Bryan’s Pick

4 – Which is higher? The number of stoppages on the UFC card Saturday or receptions by Cooper Kupp Sunday against the Dolphins?
UFC Stoppages – Bryan’s Pick
Kupp Receptions –

New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams
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Last Week :
Bryan Stackpole : 2-2 Listeners : 3-1

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The Morning Line Podcast

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