The Maine Junior Golf Championship dates back to the 1930's and the list of past winners is a list of the who's who in Maine golf.

Mark Plummer, Shawn Warren, Jesse Speirs, Ryan Gay, Lennie Cole, Jimmy Veno, Dick Diversi and Ralph Noel Jr, just to name a few.

Today, many of the state's best under 18-year-old golfers will tee it up at Brunswick Golf Course to decide the 2018 champion.

The MSGA now breaks it into five age divisions for boys and girls.

Check out the competitors...

Maine Junior Championship: Past Winners

1934-Wilfred Girard

1935-Wilfred Girard

1936-Royce Abbott

1937-Royce Abbott

1938-Royce Abbott

1939-Royce Abbott

1940-Ray Lebel

1941-Walter Reed, Jr.

1942-Walter Reed, Jr.

1943-45-Not Held

1946-Tony DeRice

1947-Dick Diversi

1948-Dick Diversi

1949-Dick Diversi

1950-Dick Diversi

1951-Russell Clark

1952-Albert Noyes, Jr.

1953-Mal Strange

1954-Bill Bonney

1955-Richard Hanscom

1956-Richie Johns

1957-Ralph Noel, Jr.

1958-Ralph Noel, Jr.

1959-Stuart Potter

1960-Barry Potter

1961-Jim Veno

1962-Todd Read

1963-Tom Perry

1964-Tim Flanagan

1965-Charles Abbott

1966-Don Morse

1967-Don Morse

1968-John Morin

1969-Mark Plummer

1970-Jim Costedio

1971-Tony Palanza, Jr.

1972-Tom Legere

1973-Bruce Samaklis

1974-Bob Darling, Jr.

1975-Mike Niemi

1976-Jay Lyons

1977-Dan Falcone

1978-Jamie Place

1979-Lennie Cole

1980-Paul Banks

1981-Paul Piveronas

1982-Paul Piveronas

1983-Doug Clapp

1984-Dan Oakes

1985-David Cummings

1986-Troy Witham

1987-Troy Witham

1988-Todd Kirn

1989-Dan Ladd

1990-Kevin MacDonald

1991-Kevin MacDonald

1992-Kevin Brown

1993-Casey Bourque

1994-Dan Stein

1995-Ian Sady

1996-Billy Haynes, Jr.

1997-Greg Hanna

1998-Ben Daughan

1999-Matt Brennick

2000-Shawn Warren

2001-Shawn Warren

2002-Jesse Speirs

2003-Jesse Speirs, Shannon Mitchell

2004-Jesse Speirs, Shannon Mitchell

2005-John Whiteman, Whitney Hand

2006-John Hayes IV, Whitney Hand

2007-Ryan Gay, Alexa Rancourt

2008-Ryan Gay, Alexa Rancourt

2009-Henry Fall, Laura Grant

2010-Joe Walp, Karli Soracco

2011-Austen Truslow, Meghan Flanigan

2012-Austen Truslow, Meghan Flanigan

2013-Will Kannegieser (15-17), Eric Dugas (13-14), Jenna Hallet (15-17 Girls), Bailey Plourde (13-14 Girls), Thomas Higgins (12 & under)

2014-Will Kannegieser (15-17), Ryan Collins (13-14), Kelsie Dessent (15-17 Girls), Lauren Schonewolf (13-14 Girls), Ryder Henry (12 & under)

2015- Austin Legge (15-17), Caleb Manuel (13-14), Lauren Schonewolf (15-17 Girls), Jordan Laplume (13-14 Girls), Ryan Stimson (12 & under)

2016- Logan Thompson (15-17), Armand Ouellette (13-14), Bailey Plourde (15-17 Girls), Parker Hilchey (12 & under)

2017- Lucas Roop (16-18), Teddy Forsley (13-15), Erin Holmes (16-18 Girls), Ruby Haylock (13-15 Girls), Sebastien Martinez (12 & under)

* Courtesy MSGA

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