We wrap up the play-in match-ups today across the four regions of Munch Madness.

Yesterday, it was the 7th-seeded Pretzels (81.3% of the vote vs. 10. Pork Rinds) and 8th-seeded Chex Mix (87.5% of the vote vs. 9. Bugles) making their way into the Salty Region quarterfinals. Meanwhile, the 7th-seeded Milano Cookies (73.3% of the vote vs. 10. Raisins) and 8th-seeded Ho Hos (80% of the vote vs. 9. Oatmeal Creme Pies) booked their spots in the Sweet Region quarterfinals.

Today, we bring in the other side of the bracket, beginning with the Cheese Region. The seeds (which are based on yearly sales) are as follows:

1. Cheetos, 2. Goldfish, 3. Cheez It, 4. Ritz Cracker Packs with Cheese, 5. Smartfood Popcorn, 6. Chester's Cheese Snacks, 7. Lance Toast Chee Crackers, 8. Utz Cheese Balls, 9. Combos and 10. Wise Cheez Doodles.

Also up today is the Chip Region, represented by:

1. Lays Classic, 2. Nacho Cheese Doritos, 3. Cool Ranch Doritos, 4. Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar, 5. Pringles, 6. Tostitos, 7. Funyuns, 8. Cape Cod Kettle Chips, 9. Veggie Straws and 10. Humpty Dumpty BBQ.

It's time for the bottom-four seeds from each region to square off. Get to voting -

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