The Orono Girls Cross Country Team won the Class C PVC Cross Country Championship in Caribou on Saturday, October 15th with Ruth White from the Red Riots winning the meet with a time of 17:54.76.

The Team Totals were

  1. Orono 27
  2. Houlton 42
  3. GSA 72
  4. Narraguagus 100

The Top 10 individual results were

  1. Ruth White - Orono 17:54.76
  2. Teanne Ewings - Houlton 19:16.17
  3. Thea Crowley - GSA 19:32.04
  4. Natalie Johnson - Houlton 20:40.06
  5. Maya Boyington - Orono 20:47.34
  6. Ellie Brooks - Orono 21:30.85
  7. Clara White - Orono 21:31.42
  8. Megan Gerbi - Orono 22:16.03
  9. Leanne Ross - Houlton 22:28.04
  10. Katherine Kohtala - Orono 22:31.09

To see all the individual results click HERE

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