Prop Bets == 5/1/2020

1 – What is the margin of victory at Saturday’s 1st Division of the Arkansas Derby? More or less than 1 length

Less than 1 length – One length or more –
Richard from Old Town Bryan & Tim from Vassalboro

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2 – Which is higher? The dollars paid out on the win ticket for the Arkansas Derby First Division or the hits by the Fubon Guardians Saturday?

Win Dollars at the Arkansas Derby – Total Hits for Fubon Guardians Sat. –
Richard Bryan & Tim

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3 – Which is higher? The number of matches won by Englishman Ritchie Edhouse in the Icons of Darts league Saturday (4 possible) or goals scored by Taipower in the Taiwan Premier Soccer League against Red Lions Sunday?
Ritchie Edhouse Darts wins – Taipower Goals Sunday –
Bryan, Richard, & Tim

4 – Which is higher? The saddle pad number of the Arkansas Derby Second Division winner or the runs scored by Boer in the Nicaragua professional Baseball League (CNBS) Saturday against Jinotega?

Arkansas Derby Winner – Boer Runs scored –
Bryan, Richard, & Tim