This week Chris from Old Town competes against Allen from Jonesport in our Prop Bets.

Prop Bets == 2/21/2020

1 – Which is higher? The number of the lowest seeded team to win a regional championship and advance to a state final or number of runs scored by the Red Sox in their Spring Training Opener against Tampa Bay Saturday?

Lowest Seed of Regional Champ - Red Sox Runs - Chris, Allen & Stack

2 – Which is higher? Jayson Tatum’s points against the LA Lakers Sunday or points scored by the LA Wildcats against DC in the XFL Sunday?

Tatum points vs LA - Chris, Allen & Stack LA Wildcats points against DC -

3 – Which is higher? Total rounds fought in Wilder-Fury 2 or Trae Young assists for Atlanta against Dallas Saturday?

Wilder/Fury rounds - Stack Trae Young Assists – Chris & Allen

4 ��� Which is higher? Margin of victory between #3 Kansas & #1 Baylor or goals scored by the Boston Bruins at Vancouver Saturday?

Kansas/Baylor Margin - Allen & Stack Bruins Goals at Vancouver – Chris

Tie Breaker – Closest to the number – How many saves will Jeremy Swayman make in the 2 game weekend series at the Alfond against Vermont?
Chris - 50
Allen - 45


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