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Prop Bets == 6/19/2020
1 – Which will be higher? The highest score in Sunday’s final round of the RBC Heritage or the points scored by Barcelona Sunday in the Spanish basketball league?
RBC highest final round score –
Barcelona points – Bryan’s Pick

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2 – Which will be higher? Laps led by the winner of the NASCAR Cup Series race Sunday at Talladega or the final round score of the winner of the RBC Heritage?
NASCAR Laps Led – Bryan’s Pick
PGA Winner Final Round –

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3 – Which is higher? Runs scored by the Lotte Giants in the KBO Saturday & Sunday or the Runs scored by the Yomiuri Giants in the NPB Saturday & Sunday?
Lotte Giants Sat/Sun Runs – Bryan’s Pick
Yomiuri Giants Sat/Sun Runs –

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4 – Which is higher? The number of minutes of the shortest UFC Fight Saturday night (to the nearest minute or goals scored by Chelsea Sunday morning in the English Premier League?
Shortest UFC Fight Minutes –
Chelsea Goals Scored Sunday – Bryan’s Pick

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