A suspect in a Saco supermarket stabbing said she chose her victim because the 59-year-old 'looked at her funny.' Connor MacCalister also said that she was off her meds. Wendy Boudreau of Saco died as a result of that attack.

According to WCSH-TV, MacCalister told police she was angry at life and wanted to get back at someone. The two women didn't know each other, but MacCalister tracked Boudreau from the parking lot because she thought a small, elderly woman wouldn't resist. The suspect said she'd been planning the attack for about a month.

A witness ran over to the ice cream aisle when she heard the scream and tried to stop the bleeding after Boudreau was stabbed in the neck. According to police documents, she asked, 'Why did you do this?' and MacCalister replied, 'She looked at me funny.' Two people held the suspect down until police arrived.

The suspect is being identified as a woman, but her brother, Jeremey Hopkins, told the Portland Press Herald that MacCalister is transitioning to a man. Her name was Tenisha Hopkins until 10 years ago, when she legally changed it in 2005. As of early Thursday evening, MacCalister was housed in a single cell, while officials determine whether it would be more appropriate to place her in a facility for men or women.

The state has filed a motion for a psychological evaluation of the suspect.