It started in week 1 and rolled through the end of the regular season with 14 contestants picking NFL games correctly, and surviving to advance to our knockout round in the postseason.

14 started and each week that has been whittled down to just have 4 people remaining with a chance to win our grand prize.

So we brought all 4 on TML and had them give us their tie breaking final total points between Kansas City and Tampa Bay, because everyone has just the Buccaneers left to pick, so we broke the tie with points.

We did a random draw to create the order of who picked when, and here is how it came out.

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First - Keith - 54 total points
Second - Burton - 56 total points
Third - David - 32 total points
Fourth - John - 33 total points

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The Winner recieves :
$50 Gift Card to Uno's (regular season winners all were given a $20 gift card to Uno's)
1 night stay at the Charles Inn in downtown Bangor
Express Detail at Deane's Detailing in Bangor

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