The Drive's Town of the Year travels took them to Jonesport, Maine on Tuesday, where the crew did the show from a boat, ate delicious seafood, pies and cupcakes, and chatted with some of the liveliest locals.





Nick Look (Nick from Beals Island) talked about pulling together the broadcast that was two years in the making:

John Church and Wendy Beal joined the show from the Budget Committee to talk about the special exceptions that needed to be made to bring The Drive to town:

Jonesport-Beals High School basketball legends Garet Beal and Dwight Carver came aboard to talk about the rich sports history in the community:

Harry Fish stopped by to talk a little history of the area:

Kenton Feeney and Stevie Carver livened up the show:

Tina Beal, Johnny Morris and Nick Beal finished off the broadcast thanking everyone who helped make it an unforgettable two hours:

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