It's the semifinal stage in Town of the Year 2022 and that means it's a busy week for all of us involved with The Drive as we're continuing our Town of the Year road-trip.

Yesterday, we had a great time at Hamilton Wharf in Searsport as we were joined by some great guests representing their community.

Today, we'll be at Front Street Pub in downtown Belfast, tomorrow we're in Jonesport and Friday we cap the week by posting up in downtown Bucksport across from the Dairy Port.

The four communities remaining have done their part to make it this far in this summer's competition. In addition to having plenty of local pride when it comes to Town of the Year, these four towns (I know you're a city, Belfast) also show their passion when it comes to high school sports.

Each of the towns has a unique mascot, but which one do you like the best?

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