This week on Truth or Throck Tim Throckmorton rolls out a trio of stories, and 2 are true, 1 he made up, and it all has to do with NFL players coming from towns tied to Christmas.

Can you figure out which is truth and which is Throck?

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Could it be the story of Daryn Colledge who played on the offensive line for many teams including Arizona and Green Bay and came to the NFL from North Pole, Alaska, where there is a plaque recognizing him being from the town?

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Could it be Jon Goldsberry who played for Buffalo and Tampa Bay in his career and he hails from Santa Claus, Indiana (which just happens to be the same home town as NFL quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Bob Griese and we find out how the town got it's name)?

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Or is it the story of Adam Archuleta who played for multiple teams primarily the St. Louis Rams and made his way to the NFL from Christmas, Michigan and after retirement became a wreath maker?

Two of those stories are true, one of them is made up by Tim Throckmorton, can you figure out which one is false?

We roll out Truth or Throck every Wednesday morning at 6:30 on The Morning Line.

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