As we've learned Greg Hirsh has a deep rooted disdain for all things Billerica, Mass. Growing up in Chelmsford, Mass that was the primary rival, and it still goes through his veins now.

So naturally Tim Throckmorton rolls out three stories of accomplishments of people from Billerica two are true, and one is false.

Can you figure out which one is made up by Tim Throckmorton? Greg believes he knows immediately but is that true?

Could it be about a basketball player from Billerica? Maybe a football player who wore the Green and White? Or a couple of runners from Billerica?

Tim has the stories you need to determine which one is false of the three.

We also talk about the Olympic games and the opening/closing ceremonies.

Listen to it all once again here.

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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