This week the topic is the athletic accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump, and Throck has a tweak to the rules of the game. Did he stump the studio or were Wayne, Kevin, and Jeff able to figure it out?

Do you know how many of these topics are true?

1 - President Trump claims he is a scratch golfer, and won 18 Country Club Championships, and was tabbed by one publication as the best golfing President

2 - In his youth and in to high school the President had dreams of playing professional baseball and was actually scouted by the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies, but instead he opted to go in to real estate where he wasn't as likely to get caught in a bad contract

3 - President Trump played polo while growing up in New York, but had issues with the polo ponies, and they didn't get along, the story is Donald Trump allegedly accidentally hit one of the ponies in the head with a club, and then even yelled at the horse after the match.

Are any of those true? All of them? None? You figure it out and Tim Throckmorton has the details.

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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