Maybe the most dramatic postseason in NFL history came to a close yesterday as the Rams edged the Bengals to become the second team to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium in as many years, after it failed to happen for the first 54.

The NFL is king. We know this. But the king has retired to his quarters for the offseason. With the 2021 NFL season officially in the rearview mirror, where do you turn your attention to now in the sports world?

The NBA and NHL regular season are plugging along, as are their collegiate counterparts. MLB may or may not be right around the corner, but one thing that certainly is right here in our backyards is the return of the high school basketball tournament in the state of Maine.

Do any of those options pique your interest, or is the day-to-day drama of the NFL offseason the next most exciting thing on the docket as we face seven months ahead with no games?

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