Make it back-to-back Maine Amateur Golf Championships for Jack Wyman after firing an even par 71 at the final round at Belgrade Lakes Golf Club Thursday afternoon.

He becomes only the 9th golfer to win two consecutive state titles in the 99 year history of the event dating back to 1918. Wyman won the title last year at Brunswick Golf Club.

The lefty golfer is from Freeport and plays out of the Portland Country Club. He began the day with a one shot lead over Camden's Cole Anderson, two shots over Drew Powell and three shots over John Hayes IV.

While Wyman fired a final round of 16 pars, one birdie and one bogey, other players were more up and down most of the day.

Runnerup Cole Anderson (even par, 71) scored an eagle and four birdies, he also took a triple bogey and three bogeys. He finished one shot back.

John Hayes finished with the best round on the final day, a 1-under par 70 and finished two shots behind Wyman.

Bangor's Drew Powell finished four shots back.

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1918 Augusta CC William F. Clapp Ernest A. Randall
1919 Portland CC Harlan Turner W. R. Campbell
1920 Waterville CC M. L. Fearey Harlan Turner
1921 Augusta CC Hiram Ricker, Jr. F. C. Tyson
1922 Poland Spring GC Dr. E. S. Winslow Hiram Ricker, Jr.
1923 Portland CC Harlan Turner E. S. Winslow
1924 Waterville CC Hiram Ricker, Jr. R. L. Ervin
1925 Augusta CC Fernald White F. C. Tyson
1926 Penobscot Valley CC Forbes Wilson E. S. Winslow
1927 Portland CC Isaac Merrill, Jr. Hiram Ricker, Jr.
1928 Penobscot Valley CC Forbes Wilson Isaac Merrill, Jr.
1929 Waterville CC Isaac Merrill, Jr. John Leddy
1930 Biddeford-Saco CC Charles Webber II Lee Abbott
1931 Penobscot Valley CC Isaac Merrill, Jr. Charles Webber II
1932 Portland CC Isaac Merrill, Jr. Hiram Ricker, Jr.
1933 Augusta CC John Boyd John Leddy
1934 Penobscot Valley CC John Brown Edmund Abbott
1935 Portland CC Richard Lunn Edmund Abbott
1936 Augusta CC Wilfred Girard F. C. Tyson
1937 Penobscot Valley CC Paige West Edmund Abbott
1938 Portland CC Trumbull Richard Arthur Flanagan
1939 Waterville CC George West Trumbull Richard
1940 Augusta CC Ray Lebel Carl Bradbury
1941 Bath CC Lt. Joe Williamson John Hichborn
1942 Portland CC Ray Lebel George Wilson
1943 Not Held
1944 Not Held
1945 Augusta CC John Boyd Roy Moore
1946 Wilson Lake GC Ed Abbott Carl Bradbury
1947 Riverside GC Royce Abbott Phil McCracken
1948 Riverside GC John Boyd Arthur Bakke
1949 Penobscot Valley CC John Boyd Fred Rice
1950 Augusta CC Dr. Leonardo Buck Joseph Williamson
1951 Bath CC Royce Abbott Alton Richardson
1952 Penobscot Valley CC John Boyd Saul Gerber
1953 Penobscot Valley CC Dick Diversi Fred Rice
1954 Poland Spring GC Dick Diversi Joseph Williamson
1955 Augusta CC Dick Diversi Bill Lever
1956 Poland Spring GC Dick Diversi Joe Leigh
1957 Portland CC Dick Diversi Dr. Ray Lebel
1958 Augusta CC Dr. Ray Lebel Dick Diversi
1959 Cape Arundel GC Dr. Steve Polackwich Oren Shiro
1960 Kebo Valley Club Jim Veno Dr. Ray Lebel
1961 Portland CC Dr. Ray Lebel Dick Diversi
1962 Kebo Valley Club Jim Veno Dick Diversi
1963 Augusta CC Dick Diversi Bob Simpson
1964 Kebo Valley Club Todd Read Bud Hersey
1965 Fairlawn G&CC Dr. Ray Lebel Dick Smith
1966 Bangor Muni GC Dr. Dan Shields John W. Levinson
1967 Augusta CC John Sale Larry Caron
1968 Poland Spring GC Ralph Noel John Sale
1969 Waterville CC John Sale Dr. Ray Lebel
1970 Martindale CC John Mills Don Morse
1971 Rockland GC Rick Ambrose Ted Johns
1972 Purpoodock Club Tom Bolton Tony Palanza, Jr.
1973 Riverside GC Mark Plummer Bruce Carter
1974 Tidewater GC Ray Fickett Dr. Ray Lebel
1975 Fairlawn G&CC Ron Brown, Jr Mark Plummer *
1976 Bangor Muni GC Mark Plummer Bob Girvan
1977 Augusta CC Bruce Samaklis Ralph Noel
Dave Brewster
1978 York G&TC Bob Mathews Ron Brown, Jr.
1979 Waterville CC Oren Shiro Mark Plummer
Bob Mathews
1980 Martindale CC Ralph Noel Ron Brown, Jr.
Alan Bouchard
1981 Kebo Valley Club Ralph Noel Jack Harkins
1982 Portland CC Mark Plummer Dr. Ray Lebel
1983 Rockland GC Mark Plummer Ron Brown, Jr.
1984 Penobscot Valley CC Mark Plummer Ralph Noel *
1985 Augusta CC Bob Webber K. C. Hughes
1986 Waterville CC Mark Plummer Ralph Noel
1987 Purpoodock Club Sean Gorgone Troy Witham
1988 Kebo Valley Club Sean Gorgone Rick Ambrose
1989 Martindale CC Mark Plummer Sean Gorgone
1990 Falmouth CC Sean Gorgone Mark Plummer
1991 Biddeford-Saco CC Sean Gorgone Dan Ladd
1992 Penobscot Valley CC Rick Ambrose Bob Webber
1993 Waterville CC Dan Ladd Dave Brown
1994 Augusta CC Mark Plummer Ron Brown, Jr.
Jim Nickerson
1995 Portland CC Casey Bourque Ben Morey
Ryan Mazzeo
1996 Martindale CC Mark Plummer Ed Flowerdew
1997 Brunswick GC Mark Plummer Scott Dewitt
1998 Kebo Valley Club Eric Crouse Mark Plummer *
1999 Woodlands Club Ron Brown, Jr. Mark Plummer
Eric Crouse
2000 Purpoodock Club Mark Plummer Gregory Hanna
2001 Augusta CC Mark Plummer Corey Poulin
2002 Falmouth CC Mark Plummer James Frost, Jr.
2003 Penobscot Valley CC Ricky Jones Jay Livingston
2004 Sanford CC Ricky Jones Cash Wiseman
2005 Boothbay CC Corey Poulin Ricky Jones
2006 Portland CC Shawn Warren Gary Manoogian
Toby Spector
Jesse Speirs
2007 Waterville CC Eric Higgins Toby Spector
2008 Biddeford-Saco CC Ryan Gay Mark Plummer
2009 Martindale CC Jesse Speirs Ryan Gay
2010 Kebo Valley GC Ryan Gay Jason Gall
Ricky Jones
2011 Portland CC Ryan Gay Jason JJ Harris
2012 Sunday River GC Seth Sweet Jason JJ Harris
Ricky Jones
2013 Augusta CC Ricky Jones Tommy Stirling
2014 Woodlands Club Andrew Slattery Joe Walp
2015 Waterville CC Johnny Hayes IV Mark Plummer
 2016  York G&TC  Matt Hutchins Ricky Jones
2017 Brunswick GC Jack Wyman Sam Grindle


Match Play (1918-1973, 2001-05)

Stroke Play (1974-2000) (2006-present)

* Lost in a playoff in stroke play