The scoredboard reads Boston sports teams 0-3 in Tuesday night action. The Sox, Celtics and Bruins were as bad as the weather at Fenway.

Red Sox Pitcher Alfredo Aceves was pounded early and often by Oakland. Fenway Park was cold, rainy and windy - the Sox played liked they wanted to be anywhere but there. 13-0 A's in a 7-inning rain shortened game.

The Boston Celtics had another terrible second half against the New York Knicks in game two of the playoffs. the C's scored a franchise low 23 points in the second half after leading 48-42 at halftime. They lose 87-71 and fall 0-2 in the best of 7 series.

The Boston Bruins had a chance to take over the division lead but failed. While Montreal was losing in NJ, the B's were losing in Philly 5-2. The Canadians and Bruins are still tied for the division lead with 3 games to go.