Bryant Kiley of Brewer High School has won our High School Athlete of the Week with 69-percent of the total vote over Seth Holston of Houlton to take the first round of this honor.

The Senior running back from Brewer racked up 330 yards on 29 carries in the 21-19 win over Lawrence on Opening Night.  Kiley also provided all three of the touchdowns for the Brewer offense, including a game-changing 99-yard run.  Kiley will be back on the field Friday as the Witches travel to face Westbrook in week 2.

Kiley Photo

Kiley took home the vote with over 600 submissions this past week.

*Nominations for our High School Athlete of the Week are now open again and you can submit a nomination by using our submission form and we’ll announce our next voting on Monday afternoon.

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