Danny Ainge has had a busy off-season for the Boston Celtics this year, but was trending on social media for much different reason this weekend.

One of the new social media fads is called ‘drive by dunking’ where people will see a hoop set up in a random driveway and get out of their car to dunk on said hoop.  Among those NBA stars that have gotten into the act include Anthony Davis, De’Aaron Fox, among others.

You can add Danny Ainge and his son Crew to this list as well in a video that the Celtics executive probably wishes he could rid from the internet. Not only did Crew literally dunk on his dad in the video, but then verbally did so via his twitter account.

Glad Danny has a better track record signing NBA superstars than trying to defend against them.  Crew will be heading to Utah State to play college ball in the Fall.

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