Banner 18 is imminent.

Though they played with their food a bit in the fourth quarter last night and allowed Dallas to whittle it down to a 3-point deficit, the Boston Celtics - the most dominant team in the league since the first ball was tossed in the air back in mid-October - are 48 minutes away from ending a 16-year drought.

The Celtics are world champions in 2024, it's just a matter of whether it's wrapped up tomorrow night or back in Boston in a potential Game 5.

I am tempting all the basketball Gods and whatever other hardwood fate may be out there, but in order for me to eat these words the Mavericks would have to make history and there's been nothing from the first three games to suggest that.

I'm a pretty superstitious person, so there is a small part of me saying "what are you doing?!" proclaiming Boston as champions before it comes to fruition. But I'm not going out on a huge limb to say the team that sits currently at 79-20 in 99 games this year will pick up 1-more win before losing 4-straight. Oh, by the way, they haven't even lost three-straight all season long.

So, it's done. It's decided.

Now let us switch to a topic still up for debate - Finals MVP.

It's going to be either Tatum or Brown, but is there a clearcut choice yet? Or do you need to see who has the bigger title close out game?


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