The Maine Principal's Association released on Friday, May 27th the Football Schedules for the 2022-23 season.

While the schedules don't have times and exact dates, it does tell us who and where the schools will be playing. It is still up to the schools to determine if they are playing Friday night or Saturday afternoon

Controlled Schedules are set to be played on Saturday, August 20th or Monday, August 22nd. The Exhibition game is scheduled for Friday August 26th or Saturday August 27th. Week 1 is Friday September 2nd or Saturday 3rd. The last week of the Regular Season is Week 9 Friday October 28th or Saturday October 29th

Here is the Class D 11-Man Football Schedule (1 Statewide Schedule)

Foxcroft Academy

Foxcroft Academy
Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22Old Town
Exhibition August 26/27at Brewer
Week 1 September 2/3Winthrop
Week 2 September 9/10BYE
Week 3 September 16/17Old Town
Week 4 September 23/24at Lisbon
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1Oak Hill
Week 6 October 7/8Hampden Academy
Week 7 October 14/15at MCI
Week 8 October 21/22at Freeport
Week 9 October 28/29Poland


Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22Cape Elizabeth
Exhibition August 26/27at Poland
Week 1 September 2/3Lisbon
Week 2 September 9/10at Madison
Week 3 September 16/17Wells
Week 4 September 23/24Medomak
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1at Fryeburg
Week 6 October 7/8at John Bapst
Week 7 October 14/15at Oak Hill
Week 8 October 21/22Foxcroft Academy
Week 9 October 28/29Winthrop

John Bapst

John Bapst
Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22Oceanside
Exhibition August 26/27at MCI
Week 1 September 2/3at Oak Hill
Week 2 September 9/10Old Town
Week 3 September 16/17at Poland
Week 4 September 23/24Madison
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1BYE
Week 6 October 7/8Freeport
Week 7 October 14/15at Hampden Academy
Week 8 October 21/22at Nokomis
Week 9 October 28/29Lisbon


Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22at Winslow
Exhibition August 26/27at Westbrook
Week 1 September 2/3at Freeport
Week 2 September 9/10Fryeburg Academy
Week 3 September 16/17Oak Hill
Week 4 September 23/24Foxcroft Academy
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1at Medomak
Week 6 October 7/8at Winthrop
Week 7 October 14/15York
Week 8 October 21/22at Poland
Week 9 October 28/29at John Bapst


Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22Medomak
Exhibition August 26/27at Nokomis
Week 1 September 2/3at Hampden Academy
Week 2 September 9/10Freeport
Week 3 September 16/17Winthrop
Week 4 September 23/24at John Bapst
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1Poland
Week 6 October 7/8at Old Town
Week 7 October 14/15Nokomis
Week 8 October 21/22BYE
Week 9 October 28/29at Oak Hill

Oak Hill

Oak Hill
Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22Gardiner
Exhibition August 26/27at Oceanside
Week 1 September 2/3John Bapst
Week 2 September 9/10at Poland
Week 3 September 16/17at Lisbon
Week 4 September 23/24MCI
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1at Foxcroft Academy
Week 6 October 7/8at Hermon
Week 7 October 14/15Freeport
Week 8 October 21/22at Winthrop
Week 9 October 28/29Madison


Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22at Westbrook
Exhibition August 26/27Freeport
Week 1 September 2/3at Fryeburg Academy
Week 2 September 9/10Oak Hill
Week 3 September 16/17John Bapt
Week 4 September 23/24at Belfast
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1at Madison
Week 6 October 7/8Medomak
Week 7 October 14/15at Winthrop
Week 8 October 21/22Lisbon
Week 9 October 28/29at Foxcroft Academy


Controlled Scrimmage Aug. 20/22MCI
Exhibition August 26/27at Gardiner
Week 1 September 2/3at Foxcroft Academy
Week 2 September 9/10at Hermon
Week 3 September 16/17at Madison
Week 4 September 23/24BYE
Week 5 Sept 30/October 1Winslow
Week 6 October 7/8Lisbon
Week 7 October 14/15Poland
Week 8 October 21/22Oak Hill
Week 9 October 28/29at Freeport

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